Kill All The Gentlemen, Black Canvas (Sliptrick Records 2022)

The sophomore album from Kill All The Gentlemen is a crunching, thumping metalfest: Black Canvas.

The Loss and the Rapture (2018) was the first long-player from the UK death metal band Kill All The Gentlemen, following a couple of EPs in the preceding years. I have seen their music labeled in the “melodic” category but they sound pretty loud to me. There are complex passages along with pace and tone changes along the way, but this is mainly head-thumping metal. The band is Adam Martin (vocals, guitar), Ben Andrew (bass), Mikey Precious (guitar), and Thomas Arne Rørstad (drums).

There is an intro piece at the top and eight tracks following. “Claw Marks” is the first punch to face – it is a ragged crank with a rusty hammer that does indeed have a hook in there to go with the blazing percussion and gruff vocals. You hear that song and you’re glad you’re at the show. “Eyes For Medusa” has some of the same elements, but it also contains clean vocals in places and beautiful lyrical ideas. Hot on its heels is “Snakes,” and that one is an all-out attack. It is definitely one of my favorite tracks of the set.

Every song has something about it that makes it memorable, from the reflective middle of “Giving Gets You Nothing” to the relentless sodden allegations of “Doomsayer.” There are no low or slow moments anywhere on the album. The final flourish is “Death Black.” It is a chunky avalanche of metal notions and with caustic dressings hung around for good measure.

Kill All The Gentlemen will surprise you. There is a good chance their music will not be what you expect. There is an even better chance that you will like it so much you’ll remember their name. Recommended.

Black Canvas is out now through Sliptrick Records. Touch the links below.



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Kill All The Gentlemen, Black Canvas (Sliptrick Records 2022)