Out Of This World, Out Of This World (Atomic Fire 2022)

The new music from Out Of this World will spark memories and regenerate a blazing fire.

The band is comprised of certified music veterans Kee Marcello (Europe), Tommy Heart (Fair Warning), Ken Sandin (Alien), and Darby Todd (Devin Townsend). They came together to create new music in the way that works best for them, and the result is an explosion of energetic melodic hard rock which has not been given this complete a treatment for years.

The opening track does have a decided Europe feel to it, with big keys and tall guitar riffs. Catchy hooks wind in to set up the clear hard rock vocals and carry the song on. That’s “Twilight,” and the glimpse it offers signals the rest of the album accurately. The tone throughout is melodic, but there are enough edges in there to satisfy your need for creative guitar work. Certainly, the lead guitar performances are very impressive. The compositions are designed to have broad appeal and they score high marks on that account.

Over the course of the ten tracks there is enough hair metal nostalgia to raise the dead. I listened to so much of this kind of music back at its beginning that I didn’t think I would ever hear something that sounded new, but here it is. The familiarity is there, and yet these songs have a sparkling born-on date. There is a dip into the power ballad arena from time to time, and there are stadium anthems, too. This set roves the planes of 80s heavy rock with wide-ranging aplomb. If you are a fan of this kind of music, you are going to like the new Out Of This World efforts. They take the music seriously and put on a great show. Recommended.

Out Of This World invades your airspace on Friday, January 14th through Atomic Fire Records. Check out the label store at the link below.


Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/OOTWtheband

Atomic Fire Records, https://visionmerch.com/atomicfire/

Out Of This World, Out Of This World (Atomic Fire 2022)