Green Desert Water, Black Harvest (Small Stone Records 2021)

Psychedelic blues rock band Green Desert Water reveal meaning and mystery in their new album Black Harvest.

Green Desert Water is a heavy blues rock trio from Spain. After an early EP, Solar Plexus was the band’s first long-player in 2018. The new album is a moving rejoinder to their debut and a stunning accomplishment in its own right. The musicians are Juan Arias García (bass), Dani Barcena (drums), and Kike Sanchís (guitar and vocals).

“Sacred Tree” winds the crank at the open with fuzzy riffs and an easy-going attitude. The hook continues into “Dead Sacred Tree” for a little while before shifting to a drearier enterprise. The song ends as abruptly as a flipped switch and the next track, “Too Many Wizards,” jumps in with a solo voice. The song seems to come to a conclusion a couple times only the ramp up for more chorus. It catches you up and yet you are happy with whichever way it turns.

The title track wakes with a doom drubbing as heavy as a swinging leaden door on a medieval church. The pace does pick up as the song goes along, all the while remaining stern. The pleading lead guitar is an art trap hiding in plain sight. Soulful vocals and hearty rhythm are a glide down a calm river.

“The Whale” is a highly anticipated moment given the cover art and it delivers on the surreal ideal of the image. Sudden changes here occur without warning and with complete disregard for your emotions. There is a lot of that going on in the entire album, as a matter of fact. “Shelter of Guru” is savory and sweet in the lyrics and music, respectively. The final push is “Soul Blind” and it is 75% soothing, 25% bestial. The place you find yourself at when the music stops has to be experienced to be understood. Highly recommended.

Black Harvest is out now from Small Stone Records. Have a scrabble at the label’s website or take the express route at Bandcamp.





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Green Desert Water, Black Harvest (Small Stone Records 2021)