Creeping Death, The Edge of Existence (MNRK Heavy 2021)

Texas metal mongers Creeping Death pile on the aggression and suffering with their new EP The Edge of Existence.

Releasing their first demo in 2015 and an EP the following year, Creeping Death came out of the gate hot. Even in those early days it was clear that this band from Denton had the potential to make a permanent mark on heavy music. With each new release you can hear subtle differences in the music as it evolved. The style is Death Metal, increasingly in a classic lane, and the latest EP reinforces the propulsion toward this vanishing point. The musicians are Reese Alavi (vocals), Trey Pemberton (guitar), A. J. Ross, III (guitar), Eric “Rico” Mejia (bass), and Lincoln Mullins (drums).

The Edge of Existence has three new songs, “Relics From The Past,” “Humanity Transcends,” and “The Edge of Existence,” plus re-recorded and re-oriented versions of all three songs from Sacrament Of Death (2016): “Sacrament Of Death,” “Doused In Flames,” and “Skinned Alive.”

The three new tracks pulse in the heartland range of a growling Death Metal landscape. Taken together, they are the arc of a nightmare, a punishing treatment of struggle weighed down by the leaden crush of inevitability. Sonically consistent with Wretched Illusions (2019), the sound feels a little deeper on these three, leaning a bit more in the doom direction. Oh, they do rage, especially “Humanity Transcends.” They just do it with a somewhat denser center of gravity.

The re-recorded songs are a nice addition to the set. It is good to hear these songs get a bright shaking. I particularly like “Sacrament Of Death” in this triplet, and “Skinned Alive” buzzes and sparkles like a kicked hornet’s nest. If this doesn’t get fans fired up I don’t know what will. Recommended.

October 8th is the drop date for The Edge of Existence, released through MNRK Heavy. Hook-ups below.


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Creeping Death, The Edge of Existence (MNRK Heavy 2021)