Blasphemous Creation, Forsaken Dynasty (HPGD 2021)

Reno’s Blasphemous Creation re-ups their album Forsaken Dynasty through Horror Pain Gore Death.

Since 2006 the band has released several long-players and EPs, churning out the thrash and death metal on the regular. Breaking the apparent hiatus that ensued in 2018, their most recent album, Forsaken Dynasty, is getting broader release with a re-issue from HPGD in 2021. There is some mystery about the line-up, but according to The Metal Archive it is Joe Aemos and Isaac Wilson while the musicians on the album in question are T. J. Laughlin (bass), Immolater (drums), and Isaac Wilson (guitar and vocals).

There are nine songs and an intro track with a voiceover that explains the storyline. It is a fascinating amalgam of Anunaki and Egyptian mythology generating “a story of blood, battle, and betrayal in a forsaken dynasty.” A kind of thrash version of Iron Maiden with death metal vocals, you might say. The story is told and metal is forged. Each song is another step toward the inevitable conclusion with raging percussion and stabbing rhythm accentuated by guitar leads all in support of the primary vocal. The thrash/death combination is a winner in this setting – the perfect vehicle to deliver the goods on such a grand and sweeping story.

There is a certain recklessness to these songs, especially the breaks, that I find very attractive. The flow often seems about to spill the banks, and sometimes it does, but before control is completely lost the ride continues down the established path. Reigning in the energy that is about to overwhelm the scene is a big part of presentation. High marks for enthusiasm and a dark brand of molten exuberance.

The drop date is Friday August 20th for Forsaken Dynasty In digital and CD formats.




Horror Pain Gore Death Productions,

Blasphemous Creation, Forsaken Dynasty (HPGD 2021)