Infex, Burning In Exile (2021)

Bay Area thrash band Infex release their third album, Burning In Exile.

Ten years or so ago Infex started to come together piece by piece. Firmly rooted in the original sin of thrash, the music embraces the concept of speed and the ideals of metal. The band’s first album, Circling the Drain, came out in 2012 and Killing for Jesus followed in 2016. That makes Burning In Exile the charmed one. The band is now Jack (guitar, vocals), Adam (guitar, vocals), RC bass, vocals), and Corey (drums).

Nine crackling tracks make up the set and they all bristle with surging energy. “Blood of the Wicked” is a charging assault delivered at pace with insistent vocals and rollicking percussion. The concentrated guitars on “The Burning” are a potent combination with the singable lyrics – this will be a big hit on tour. “Exiled” builds an impenetrable wall from which to hurl flaming metal missiles and “Acid Reign” is a molten killer, my favorite on the album.

The second side features songs that are a little more succinct and piercing, then wraps the music up with the longest song as the anchor, “7.62.” That final track starts with a dialogue snag from Full Metal Jacket and runs amok with odd-angle constructions and ripping leads. It is definitely a different vibe in this second half but the music is just as hard-edged, precise, and inventive as the opening four. Infex has put out a solid thrash album here. Recommended.

Burning In Exile is out today, Friday the 13th. You can check the band out on YouTube and pick up the album at Bandcamp.




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Infex, Burning In Exile (2021)