Psycho Las Vegas, August 19-22, 2021

Festivals are getting going again in the US and the first big stop to make is Psycho Las Vegas.

Missing a year of Psycho Las Vegas is a wound that can be salved by heading to Nevada next month for one the of the best heavy line-ups around. During the 2019 festival, The Mandalay Bay operated three stages – one in the arena, one at the House of Blues in the casino complex, and another in a lounge. All very different vibes and all full-on musical bliss. I am expecting this again in 2021.

The headliners for 2021 are Emperor, Down, and Danzig. Other bands I am excited to see this year are Exodus, Cannibal Corpse, High On Fire, The Sword, Red Fang, Obituary, Pig Destroyer, Eyehatehod, and far too many others to mention. For heavy music fans, Psycho Las Vegas has become an annual pilgrimage.

Don’t forget Thursday night Psycho Swim with music outside at the Daylight Beach Club. True, it is 100 degrees or so in the daytime but when the sun goes down so does the temperature and it is very comfortable. Plus it is a beach and you can get in the water. The bands for this year’s Psycho Swim include Old Man Gloom, Bongzilla, and many others.

There were still some tickets available at this writing. Hit the link below to see what’s up.

Someone (me) from Shardik Media will be at the festival. See you in the crowd. And at the tables.


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Psycho Las Vegas, August 19-22, 2021