Snogard, Moral Presence, Corrupt Misdeeds (HPGD 2021)

Dark fantasy black metal shines on the first lap by North Carolina duo Snogard.

On their Bandcamp page, the musicians are listed this way: Froglin (vocals) and Gorf Drakolisk (all instruments). The two released this EP independently last year and now Horror Pain Gore Death is giving it a boost with a fresh incarnation.

There are five tracks, each one set thematically in a dark fantasy realm ranging from Tolkien to The Dark Crystal and to all around the raging seas. The music certainly takes black metal tropes as a starting point – you can hear that lane clearly in the vocals and the rhythm and percussion, particularly.

On some songs there is a nice doom element, and in other places you are treated to what could be the lyrical emanations of a traveling mage. They are all surrounded, one way or another, by the sinister realm of black metal.

The album is described, again on the original Bandcamp page, as “Quarantine bedroom 4-month album.” If that’s how they did this, then it is pretty impressive. These are solid compositions that are effectively executed. Definitely worth a listen.

The new Horror Pain Gore Death release of Moral Presence, Corrupt Misdeeds hits the streets Friday, July 16th and you can get all the varieties at Bandcamp.




Snogard, Moral Presence, Corrupt Misdeeds (HPGD 2021)