Desert Druid and the Acid Caravan, The Witch (Dopesmoke Heavy Music Productions 2021)

Doom ridden incantations from Brazil surround and overtake you on the new EP from Desert Druid and the Acid Caravan, The Witch.

F. Klinger (bass, vocals), E. Lisboa (drums), and Nass (guitar) have been playing in the heavy music scene for ten years or more, and have now come together to form a trio of doom-makers. Their take is classic metal and straight-forward heavy bluesy doom that is a rich nectar for your ears.

The Witch, or written as it is on the cover of the album like it would have been in medieval typesetting, The VVitch, has four tracks, all of them designed to have an immediately effect and a big punch.

“The Witch” opens with a voiceover and a thick, fuzzy riff, showing off the clear disposition of the music. Influences of Black Sabbath are noticeable, and, really, the 1970s harder rock bands generally. “Total Madness” plods in surety and exceeds in dire expression with its distorted primary riff and mildly echoing vocal. There is a purposefulness to the formidable darkness the music generates that rises up and consumes you as you listen.

“Mistress of Black Heart” and especially the outro closer, “Witching Hour,” are focused on the atmosphere. The latter is a short instrumental piece with a prominent church bell and a great lead guitar line while “Mistress” is the longest song of the set – it rambles with a steady, relentless pressure and is capped with its own memorable guitar work.

The music is lyrically occult, doom in structure, and stoner in vibe. It is a combination that cannot miss. Recommended.

The Witch is out now and available through Bandcamp for US fans. There is a cassette available from Ruidoteka Records and the vinyl is out through DHU Records.





Desert Druid and the Acid Caravan, The Witch (Dopesmoke Heavy Music Productions 2021)