Assault, In Aevum Et Illustrata (Eastbreath Records 2021)

Singapore metallers bring the sophomore singe with their second album, In Aevum Et Illustrata.

Assault has been around for fifteen years. Their first EP, The Exceptions of the Rebellions, came out in 2011 and was followed in 2017 by the long-player, The Fallen Reich. Along the way they have been honing their skills and producing increasingly complex and memorable music. The band members are known by single names: Noh (guitar), Clarence (vocal),  Hanesh (guitar), Mitch (drums), and Syaz (bass).

The new album has nine tracks, including a short intro bit. The title is In Aevum Et Illustrata and can be translated into English as “In the Age of the Enlightened.” The first proper song starts off at a blistering pace, “Oration of Lies.” It has a very clippy riff and a standard structure, including a technically astute lead break just past the middle. The song diverges then from the regular with a pulsing attack from the rhythm section and an aggressive exit strategy. Innovative and well done. The next song, “MDCCLXXVI Novus Ordo Seclorum” throws in some keys, a soft acoustic section, and other surprises. And then comes “Age of Enlightenment” with its tense, nerve-rattling, rampaging guitar riffs. There is no rest to be had from start to finish on this album.

The music does fit into the category of melodic death metal, and it has a lot of thrash elements, too. The writing is refreshing and I appreciate the effective use of the bass throughout. There is a lot to take in on this set, and all of it is good. If you are new to Assault, this is a good jumping on point. Recommended.

In Aevum Et Illustrata is out now from Eastbreath Records on CD and digital. In the US, Bandcamp is the place to get it.




Assault, In Aevum Et Illustrata (Eastbreath Records 2021)