Crypts Of Despair, All Light Swallowed (Transcending Obscurity 2021)

The sophomore album from Lithuania’s Crypts Of Despair is a grand leap in their emergent Death Metal approach.

The band is Dovydas Auglys (guitar, vocals), Benas Juskus (guitar), Simonas Jurkevicius (bass, vocals), and Henri Mall (drums). In 2017 the group’s first album appeared, The Stench Of The Earth. The new one is some ways appears to be very different and in other ways can be seen as a shift or even an evolution of what the first record started.

There are nine tracks on the album running from the medium to short side on length. It all begins with “Being – Erased,” a song that flashes a metallic clanging first before the blast beat and barrage of ferocious sound. It is overwhelming to your senses, but if you listen to it, you’ll hear the individual pieces that make up the whole and the richness of the music is revealed.

The center of the writing is the rhythm and percussion. The explosion of the vocals on “Anguished Exile” has a noticeable Black Metal tint while the music overall is heads-down Death Metal aggression. In the middle, the music slows to Doom proportions before slowly rising again to end as it began.

And then there is “Choked By The Void,” which has a slow and deliberate pace that works up to rival the zeal of its predecessors. Throughout the album this is what you can expect – it is not just one thing, but is instead an amalgamation of heavy music influences that branch out, combine, and explore while staying true to the Death Metal lineage from which it sprang. Recommended.

All Light Swallowed is out now from Transcending Obscurity Records in the usual bewildering array of versions ranging from colored vinyl to merch bundles to the simple digital download.




Crypts Of Despair, All Light Swallowed (Transcending Obscurity 2021)