Miasma Theory, Miasma Theory (Shadowlit Music 2021)

The new music from Northern Crown’s Zachary Randall enters the local reality as Miasma Theory.

Zachary Randall (guitar, keys) and Leona Hayward (bass) from Northern Crown joined with Juan Carrizo (guitar) to create this new entity. Guest musicians Māra Lisenko (vocals) and Jonas Schütz (drums) complete a formidable ensemble. The music is written by Randall and it is doom-infused heavy metal that relies on both outstanding vocalizations and inspired lead guitar work supported by an indefatigable rhythm section. The similarities to Northern Crown cannot be missed but this is clearly something new.

The album has five songs coming in mainly in the six minute and up range, which gives listeners time to settle in and be taken away. “Forever Ends Today” gets things started and it is a house on fire, full-force metal rager with great blazing lead work. “Together As One” is next and it is a ballad, really; a gentle song in a heavy container. “Next Time, Last Time” cranks up the theatrics and takes us on a journey through varying mystical aspects and wonders.

“Vector” is a gruff admonition and a petrifying portent. This song is the one I listened to most because it hit me just right in every way from the perfect vocal insinuation to the way the strings were bent. The last track is a cover version of the Candlemass song “Under The Oak.” This is an excellent choice for an homage, fitting in as it does with the oeuvre of the other tracks herein. The music does fit in a category we might call doom, but it exists away from the galactic center of that subgenre in a swirling system of its own. Recommended.

Miasma Theory is out on Friday, April 23rd for the pleasure of the masses.


Website, https://miasmatheoryband.com/

Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/MiasmaTheory

Label, https://shadowlitmusic.com/

Miasma Theory, Miasma Theory (Shadowlit Music 2021)