Mausoleum ~ Anatomia, Split (HPGD Productions 2021)

Two titanic bands have joined together to crack the earth with a double punch of death and doom.

Mausoleum is a Pennsylvania Death Metal band that has been rounding the sun since 2001. Anatomia started in the following year with an eastern locus, pushing more in the Doom direction. Late last year they put together a limited split on vinyl and cassette, and now it is getting wider circulation with a CD version and a digital presentation through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

Side A is four tracks from Mausoleum titled Nyctophilia. This is their first release since 2017’s Cadaveric Displays from the Funeral. “Shadows On the Grave” begins with a driving flurry and a ravaging vocal all right in line with the theme established by the title. “Voices from Beyond” balances chaos with the need to understand and asks the tough questions. There is a great dueling lead guitar segment in there as well. “Shrieks of Fright” winds up from a plod to a rager that kicks you in the throat and then shows you the edge of the end of the world. “The Dark Abysmal” is the final nail and it is set to with a merciless hammer of conquest.

Anatomia has the B Side, putting down three strong tracks. “Mangled Flesh” is the introduction and it opens with a charging assault then rides waves of variegated speed, taking a moment for even a Funeral Doom reflection. “Rotting Innards” starts with stings then rolls out the grinding wheel to turn your bones to dust. The overall feeling is absolutely hopelessness. “In The Crypt” offers spirituality with a ghostly preponderance and a disturbingly quiet approach to disarticulation across eons. Like no other track on the album, this one makes/allows you to confront yourself.

Both bands foster themes of horror in their music and they are the perfect match, making this split a fortuitous culmination. Each has death and doom approaches that interact and crossover in separate and unique ways. Putting them together creates a bigger whole. Highly recommended.

The CD and digital download from HPGD will be available on Friday, March 12th. You can also pick up a t-shirt with the great cover art.


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Mausoleum ~ Anatomia, Split (HPGD Productions 2021)