Fools Paradise, Confused Mind (2021)

Fools Paradise is a doom metal band from Brazil and they have released their inaugural single, “Confused Mind.”

The band was formed by Gabriel Mattos (guitar) and includes Luciano Penelu (drums), Leandro D’Carvalho (guitar), and Joilson Santos (bass) from the doom band Erasy plus Iasmim Bastos (vocals). This is a solid foundation of veteran musicians in the Brazilian metal scene setting the stage for newcomer Bastos to show off her singing talent.

The song “Confused Mind” is an homage to and a celebration of the roots of heavy music, specifically Black Sabbath, and it is meant to honor the release of the original self-titled album all those years ago. The opening riff makes the intent clear – it is heavy and catchy and the mystical visage of Tony Iommi swirls in the mist. Bastos’s voice has a heavy bluesy quality, rich and urging, melodic and filled with strength.

The song runs a little over five minutes and the composition is topped off with an extended lead break in two movements. The guitar work on the lead exhibits an expanding of ideas that reaches beyond the typical doom cast. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on.

You can get the single at the band’s Bandcamp page, or listen to it through your preferred streaming service. Lend it your ear – if you do I think you’ll end up in line with me waiting for more music to come out. Recommended.




Fools Paradise, Confused Mind (2021)