Muka, Patologija Poniznosti (No Profit Recordings 2021)

Croatian metal band Muka release their third EP for another round of crushing despair.

Formed in Zagreb in 2012, the band is peopled by Ivan Borčić (vocals), Edin Karabašić (guitar), Goran Tatalović (guitar), Stjepan Dianić (bass), and Marin Lelas (drums). Their first album was Svi šute (2014), followed in 2017 by Sveta stoka. The feeling you get when listening to the latest release is that the symptomology continues as before while the execution of the sound has solidified through evolving compositional refinements. Or, more plainly, the praxis is catching up to the theory more and more with each new album.

There are five tracks on Patologija Poniznosti (The Pathology of Humility). The vocals take a moderate death metal posture for the most part, with menacing black metal layers occasionally possessing the spirit of the natural expression. The tempo of songs is variable, with simmering slow, doom-laden moments and recurring eruptions of speed and noise.

The commitment to the form the band has created is admiral. Every song has its own concepts and deliveries, yet they all exist in the maelstrom of the musical environment defined by the constructed ethos of the band’s collective. For example, the straight forward walking riff that pops up in the early middle of the second track seems on the surface to be quite ordinary, but its placement (and existence) is essential in the song, just like the short, naked bass line a minute and a half later in the same piece – it is not repeated, that bass line, not that way by itself elsewhere in the song, but without it there would be a completely different beast to contend with. There is a lot to hear here, so take you time with it. Recommended.

Patologija Poniznosti is available now at the Bandcamp link below. There will be a limited vinyl edition in March as well and it will have a bonus live track, so if you like this music, circle back.




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Muka, Patologija Poniznosti (No Profit Recordings 2021)