Clouds Taste Satanic, The Satanic Singles Vol. 4 (Kinda Like Music 2021)

Clouds Taste Satanic releases Volume 4 in The Satanic Singles project, the final installment.

To recap [for the last time]…This New York instrumental metal band is peopled by these fine persons: Steve Scavuzzo (guitar), Rob Halstead (bass), Greg Acampora (drums), and Brian Bauhs (guitar). For years on end they have been producing their unique brand of vocal-free doom (and doom-adjacent) heavy music, typically in long form. Recently they decided to shift gears a bit a put out a series of shorter cover pieces as singles, leading to a collection early in Spring. The latest installment has just appeared – and it is the last one before the collection comes out.

Volume 4 has two tracks. Side A is a cover of the Cheap Trick song “Auf Wiedersehen” originally on Heaven Tonight (1978). Being the ever-peppy band that Cheap trick is, a doomish version of one of their typically pop-oriented rock songs is a delight. Consistent with the original, the guitar in this new version carries the founding momentum and gives it a nice twirl.

Side B is the CTS version of “Sleeping On The Roof” by The Flaming Lips from The Soft Bulletin (1999). The treatment on Volume 4 is to flesh out some of the airiness of the principles from the original while reinforcing the intended sentiment with a bigger sound. The melancholy shines through and cleaves a deeper trench, in my mind.

This was an interesting project. It has been great to get a couple new songs every month, like clockwork. I am really looking forward to the full set. Recommended.

Bandcamp has Volume 4 right now. If you want a hard copy, time to get going.






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Clouds Taste Satanic, The Satanic Singles Vol. 4 (Kinda Like Music 2021)