Sataray and Zania Morgan, Argyropoeia split (Scry Recordings 2021)

If you are looking for an aural companion to assist you in achieving an altered state or altered reality, the new split from Sataray and Zania Morgan is the tool for you.

Whoever had the idea for this combination on an ambient split deserves a raise. Sataray is a soloist who combines rituals and artistic interactions with creating and performing music. Zania Morgan is Zaskia S. Morgan who also performs music live for rituals. The music produced by these two artists do not sound the same, even when some of the intentions behind the work might overlap. Ergo, a good split.

The story is long and complicated; delicate, complex. So I am going to set it aside and listen to the music. The Sataray tracks number three. Titled “Saturn,” “Rain,” and “The Flood,” they open like the subdued tones of a gigantic intergalactic being rolling over in space. The vocal track is frightening on the first one, at least it was to me, and the building music and volume enhances and magnifies the feelings of unease. The vocalizations in the middle piece were more ghostly and calming, less threatening, even when they became urgent past he center. The final bit is disembodied, and has the feeling of pulling (or taking) away.

The Zania Morgan music is in two parts. “Crepulsculum” contains elements that sound like they could be analog approximates weaving in and around the digital flow. The vocals here are melodic, sometimes sweet, against parallel calamities. “Nyx Ambrosia” is theatrical, more dramatic. Vocals past the midpoint have a croaking, struggling execution, nudging the narrative in a darker direction, and they are elevated by the disturbing percussion.

Argyropoeia is out on Friday, January 29th. Get the digital-only release at Bandcamp and hear it anywhere, whenever you are ready for what it will do to you.



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Sataray and Zania Morgan, Argyropoeia split (Scry Recordings 2021)