Demonstealer, And This Too Shall Pass (2020)

Demonstealer is handing you a flaming ball of Death Metal with And This Too Shall Pass.

Sahil Makhija, who goes by the name Demonstealer, is the engine behind this solo project. He is a well-known veteran of the metal scene, not just in India but around the world. For And This Too Shall Pass, he executed every element in the musical process to produce four killer tracks. The pandemic has made everything more difficult in all corners of the globe, and in these grim circumstances Makhija decided to not only create the music on his own but also self-release the EP, gaining sponsorship through crowd funding. That is a lot of extra work but you do what you have to do.

“This Crumbling Earth” opens the set with a steady threat in the percussion and the heavy riff before launching into a roaring display of brutal Death Metal. The vocals shift in degree of coarseness for different moments in the piece, layering the narrative. “A Festering Wound” starts with a punch in the face and continues with the unforgiving pummeling for four satisfying minutes, with only one short breath in the middle. “Systemic Failure” has a riff that sounds like the theme music to a spy novel while “From Flesh To Ashes” features cleaner vocals and a somewhat quieter tone. These four songs are a nice introduction and opening into the music Demonstealer creates, encouraging you to see what else he has been doing.

December 11th is the day the full set appears digitally. You can hear the first song now if you want to get a jump on it. A recording of an earlier livestream is up on YouTube as well if you want a preview and would like to get to hear Sahil Makhija talk about the music, his channels, merch, and other things. Recommended.



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Demonstealer, And This Too Shall Pass (2020)