Clutch, Doom Saloon 2.5, December 1, 2020

Clutch is doing another livestream on December 18th aptly titled Live from the Doom Saloon Volume III. To get the word out, they released a video of the band playing four songs in that space.

Neil Fallon introduced the songs, and the first two are well known from getting attention of late, “Motherless Child” and “Run, John Barleycorn, Run.” Then they played “Wishbone” from Elephant Riders. I did not see that one coming. The big news, though, was the last song, a cover of Black Sabbath’s “Lord of this World,” and it flat out smoked. Fallon said they were doing it just for fun, and the fan reception has been overwhelmingly positive. During the livestream, the attendee counter hit a high of about 2,200, but by the next day there had been more than 35,000 views. Word must have gotten out. I hope this song lands in their regular rotation when touring starts up again.

You can watch a recording of the event at the YouTube link below, and the poster for the upcoming livestream is down below that.

Watch the video:–o-r1sjYk

© Wayne Edwards.

Clutch, Doom Saloon 2.5, December 1, 2020