In Malice’s Wake, The Blindness Of Faith review (2020)

The fourth album from Australia’s In Malice’s Wake is another crushing example of their Thrash acumen.

For almost twenty years, In Malice’s Wake has been drilling down on classic Thrash Metal. Centered in Melbourne, Australia, the band is founders Shaun Farrugia (vocals and guitar) and Mark Farrugia (drums) joined by longtime members Leigh Bartley (guitar) and Karl Watterson (bass). The Blindness Of Faith is their fourth album, and it is as filled to the brim with new ideas as it is grounded in the principles of Heavy Metal and Thrash. You can hear a little bit of Goatwhore in there, a touch of Destruction, too, I’d say, but that is just for orienting purposes. Once you hear In Malice’s Wake’s music, you’ll recognize it instantly from then on.

The Blindness Of Faith jumps right on your head out of the gate with the title track, a savage pummeling introduction to both the musical perspective and the lyrical content of the album. Straight ahead rapid riffs and steady rhythms are challenged by radical eruptions and scathing shreds. Shaun Farrugia’s vocals are just the right amount of rough to direct the charge of the guitars on the rails of percussion and bass.

Once I put this album on I had no urge to skip around – front to back is the way to go, and no detours. There are a couple of tracks even so that stood out for me, the first being “Unbound Sinful Light,” which absolutely murders, and “Into the Outer Darkness,” which displays a culminating brilliance that strains your veins. I am a big Thrash fan going back to the beginning so I am predisposed to this sort of music. Even with my biases, I contend there is an objective reality to the quality of The Blindness Of Faith. Highly recommended.

You can buy CDs and merch bundles directly on the band’s site or through Bandcamp. Preorders are available now, and the album drops officially this Friday the 13th.






In Malice’s Wake, The Blindness Of Faith review (2020)