Arcadian Child, Protopsycho review (Ripple Music 2020)

The third album from the Limassol, Cyprus psychedelic rock band Arcadian Child is a wellspring of musical circumstance. It has tendrils that will touch you even when the quiet comes.

I do not know much about the band. According to the internet, it is populated by Panagiotis Georgiou (vocals, guitars), Stathis Hadjicharalambous (guitars), Andreas Kerveros (bass and vocals), and Constantinos Pavlides (drums). Their first album was Afterglow (2017), followed by Superfonica (2018). These two albums have a more grunge-like approach than the new one, and they are a bit more musically linear. The latest is a departure. It is not completely different, but it has a more ethereal quality to it. Listening to Protopsycho muted my cerebral filters so let me just recount what poured out through my keyboard while it was happening.

“Snakecharm” has a definite winding and rectilinear undulation to it, with an exotic echo that becomes the musical pattern. “Wave High” continues the desert warble and magical theme, while “Sour Grapes” has more blatantly psychedelic elements and inward looking conceptualizations. Mysticism lives in “The Well,” from its harmony wave background (as in South Asian music) at the beginning to its ethereal insinuation that becomes the primary companion. The peace is disturbed by heavily distorted guitars on the back end that turn the trip toward a more sinister aspect.

“Bitter Tea” was released as a single. It has a plucky and chatty essence. “Bodies of Men” is a drive down a lonely road at night with only one working headlight and 3/8 of a tank of gas. Very catchy riffing. “Raisin’ Fire” has a long steady chanting set up for the sprint at the end, where things really start to kick in. The closer is the title track. It is the culmination of the ritual that has been going on since the record first started to spin. The music rises and repeats in a rotational confrontation to exterior motion. And then it comes to rest.

Protopsycho is a Rebel Waves Records release from Ripple Music, available at Bandcamp and the other regulars. I am going to have to sit with this music for a while to allow the full impact to land. My first impression is: recommended.


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Arcadian Child, Protopsycho review (Ripple Music 2020)