Isotope, Isotope Compilation review (Carbonized Records 2020)

Isotope brings it all together with a round-up of their four recent releases in one tight package of mind mashing aggression.

The compilation includes the 2019 self-titled full-length LP, 2017’s Wake Up Screaming EP, the Midnight Soldier seven-inch from 2015, and the debut demo Final Wind Of Mercy (2014). It will get you up to speed in one slam. The band credits are Chuck “Zone Tripper” Franco (vocals), Nick “Sikki Nikki” Cantu (guitar), Paul “Bazzy” Capito (bass), Clint “Clza” Baechle (drums), Kristen “K.P.” Payne (guitar on the recent two releases), and Scootch (guitar on the first two releases).

If you don’t know about Isotope yet, this collection is the way to find out. They are known as a hardcore punk band made up of musicians well oiled in the scene and looking for another outlet for their energy. From the very beginning they were mixing genres with big riffs and blistering leads you expect to hear in more straight-stream metal acts. The singing has the attitude and perspective of punk, and at the same time emanates expressions varying into other bandwidths.

The collection is arranged with the newest music first so I suggest you listen to it backwards to see how the band has changed in the six years it has been working together as Isotope. Final Wind Of Mercy is a demo in name only – everything is well in place in this debut. Midnight Soldier has a cleaner production sound while maintaining the raging chaos. Wake Up Screaming brings a brittleness and sharper slice to the compositions, and the newest, Isotope, is a ranging machine of punk and metal terrorizing the landscape. Highly recommended for longtime fans and newcomers alike.

This compilation is out now on a limited edition cassette of 100 copies. There is also a download-only version available at Bandcamp if you miss out on the physical.

Band photo by Carlos Garcia.


Isotope, Isotope Compilation review (Carbonized Records 2020)