Chaos Over Cosmos, The Ultimate Multiverse review (Narcoleptica Productions 2020)

High concept Prog Metal duo Chaos Over Cosmos release their second album, The Ultimate Multiverse.

I wrote “duo,” and it is true, but the driving force behind the project is Rafal Bowman who started Chaos Over Cosmos with Javier Calderón in 2017. The two musicians, Rafal in Poland and Javier in Spain, never met in person and collaborated at this great remove to create The Unknown Voyage in 2018. There is a message here and an example for us all in the current state of world affairs, isn’t there. Javier moved on to other things after that first album, and Rafal worked with Joshua Ratcliff (Australia) on the new set in the same remote way. Rafal is credited with guitars, synths, drum programming, songwriting, and Joshua with vocals, lyrics, songwriting. The collaboration has produced an expansive soundscape that reaches across genres of contemporary music.

If you wanted to land this album in one category, it would be Prog, and you might refine it to Prog Metal. “Cascading Darkness” plants a flag in the land of Prog at the jump, with a swirling opening that puts you immediately in mind of bands like Saga. The guitars kick in soon, though, and they are bigger and heavier than you hear in most Prog acts. And then there is the vocalizations – the first ones we hear are very much Death Metal, morphing into a kind of sinister screaming whisper, and alternating (occasionally overlaid) with clean vocals. The percussion holds a driving tempo throughout, shifting up and down as the terrain changes. The keyboards are technically astute and creatively exploratory. All of this on the first song. As you progress through the set, you get alternate takes and new musical vistas, things completely different and some familiar homages as well. Most of the songs are on the long side, except the closer, “Asimov,” which is radio length and kind of a curtain call for the overall performance.

The Ultimate Multiverse is available for download now at Bandcamp. In the Prog Metal lane, Chaos Over Cosmos is creating a solid place in the world for its music.


Chaos Over Cosmos, The Ultimate Multiverse review (Narcoleptica Productions 2020)