Lantern, Dimensions review (Dark Descent 2020)

The new release from death metal purveyors Lantern is a twist on a tale and voyage into inner space.

A veteran band from Kuopio, Finland – the interior – Lantern (using their stage names) is Cruciatus on guitars and bass, Necrophilos singing, J. Poussu on percussion, and St. Belial playing guitar. Formed in 2007 after the earlier band Cacodaemon ended its existence, the death metal regulars are now into their third full-length release.

The album starts off surprisingly melodic and even a little hooky with the opening pleadings of “Strange Nebula.” It is a eerie vibe with a Savatage montage feel at first, then the vocals begin – they are coarse but decipherable and are carefully cocooned by the swirling hornets of guitars. Slightly past the middle, there is a Venomesque change followed by a crunchy riff and an ethereal guitar transition. There is a lot going on in this song and it keeps you off balance. It also keeps you listening.

There are epic moments of soaring themes juxtaposed with nasty punk bursts and generously spaced blistering guitar peels. The arc of the album is to plant a stake at the beginning, accelerate toward the center and then launch into the epic closer. “Monolithic Abyssal Dimensions” is a fourteen minute journey into darkness for the purpose of excavating the darkened terrain of schizophrenic psyche. It chips away at your brain like a madman with a rock hammer attacking an ancient cliff searching for meaning. There is a sustained insistence and at the same time an active musical ratcheting and clutch-pop shifts that make you spin. The song is unsettling in every way, and when it is over you want to listen again because Lantern has clawed its way under your skin. Recommended.

You can get Dimensions right now directly from Dark Decent Records (Shop tab) or through Bandcamp (links below).


Lantern, Dimensions review (Dark Descent 2020)