Power Trip, Live in Seattle 05.28.18 (Dark Operative 2020)

Power Trip surprised fans with the release of an unannounced live set recorded in Seattle in 2018.

I was very excited to hear this set had been dropped out of nowhere because I have seen Power Trip many times and they are such a great live band. Usually, when I have caught them live, they played a half hour or a little less, so this live set recorded at Neumos in Seattle is a boon because it is a full 40+ minutes of unrelenting smashmouth metal.

They are covering all the bases on the setlist with songs from their two full-length albums and a couple from the self-titled EP. Just so you know, here’s the list: “Drown” – short intro, “Divine Apprehension,” “Suffer No Fool,” “Soul Sacrifice,” “Executioner’s Tax (Swing the Axe),” “Crucifixation,” “Heretic’s Fork,” “Conditioned to Death,” “Firing Squad,” “Manifest Destination,” and “Crossbreaker.” Power Trip were on fire this night in Seattle, and it has been expertly captured for our repeated enjoyment.

You can listen to Live in Seattle 05.28.18 on any and every conceivable streaming platform. If you go to Bandcamp and buy the download, note the following, posted on the site. “The band offers this release as a way of saying thank you to all supporters, friends, and allies over the years. All proceeds from the sale of this album on Bandcamp go toward offsetting the financial impact of the numerous Power Trip tours and live appearances cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Band photo by Joshua Andrade.



Power Trip, Live in Seattle 05.28.18 (Dark Operative 2020)